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How to use Comic Book Creator

As you probably know, ‘Comic Book Creator’ is an Android app that lets you create very cool comic style pages using your own photos.
It has 3 modes: Single page comic, Collage Comic and Free-Form Comic.
We will cover ‘Single Page’ Comic here but in case you don’t know, Collage Comic enables you to create fixed comic pages for over 100 available grids, and with ‘Free-Form Comic’ you can add up to 10 photos to a canvas (that you control, that is, width, size, color, background, etc) and move those images around, placing them in any position, rotation, etc.

‘Single Page’ Comic Creation:

Start by clicking the ‘Single Page’ button in the main screen and make sure to allow the permissions prompted. This permission is for letting the app browse, at your request, the phone gallery images and also allows the app to save, also at your request, the created photos.
In essence, you can: crop the image you just added, apply photo effects, add frames, include vectors/comic assets in the canvas, include texts, add emojis and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness to the photo.

Note: If you unlock the Pro Mode from the main screen, you will get all photo effects + all frames and vectors and no more ads. This is a one time payment 🙂

Try using picture with good resolution. Images that are very small or maybe shared to you are compressed and the result may be bad.
After loading the picture, lets click on the crop and move the handles to create a nice portrait form. Then click Next to apply changes.

Crop Image using Free aspect ratio or pick the one you need.

Now, lets get the picture effect right. You can swipe left and right for the proper effect but for this image I’ll pick the Vintage Pro effect with about a 50% strength
and turn on the half-toning option, with a 30% strength. That seems to generate a nice old-comic type photo.
You can also improve it a little more by including a mild saturation. Click on the adjust button and add saturation.

Half-toning on with about 30% strength and bottom bar represent effect strength.

Lets add some vectors now. Click on the vectors icon. It will show the vectors/shapes pop-up window. Add as many as you’ll like.
Shapes can have a border, color and transparency, like you see in the image below:

Selecting a shapes opens the bottom shape options footer.

Now, after we added the vectors/shapes, place them in the canvas area, lets lock them. This will prevent accidental movement once they are properly placed. This will allow texts to be placed more safely.

Vectors/Text Lock/Unlock option to avoid accidental clicks

Now lets add some text, click the text button and type in the text area. Text can be resized, moved, rotated like normal assets. Lets place this text above the red stripe. We will pick a nice comic font, and add a white outline.

Black text color with a white outline. Over 100 fonts to pick from


We are almost there. Now lets see what frame suites better. Go to the frames section and also swipe right-left. I’ll pick a halftoning pattern frame. It seems to work good for this scenario:
Check out the result:

Simple halftone pattern frame.

Hit the > (Next) to go to the Save/Share screen. Click on the save or share option and you are done 🙂

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