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Free-Form Comic Book Creation

Most concept between the 3 types of comic creation are exactly the same so once you understand how to use one of them, most likely you will be able to easily use the other modes.

Free-Form Comic enables you to add up to 10 photos on the canvas and move them around to any position you want. So you will have full control instead of depending on some sort of grid shape.

So right after you clicked on the Free-Form option from the main screen, you get the option to select up to 10 pictures. For this scenario I’ll add only 2 images. If you want to add more later, you will see that button right in the free-form footer.

Free-Form Comic start, with 2 images added to the canvas area.

The Aspect button lets you modify the aspect ratio of the canvas. We will use the Full option.

Now, we crop the images. Select the image you want to crop and click on the crop button.
In case the images are not covering the entire canvas, you can use the Background feature to pick a solid or gradient color background.

After the canvas aspect and background is taking care of, you should move into applying a nice photo effect to each of the images added.
In this case I’m using a Vintage Pro for the top image, with no halftone, and the bottom image is using the Comic effect.

Vintage Pro Effect and Comic effect for the bottom image.

Each picture can have its own border color and width, so we are going to do that now. Select the picture you want to modify and pick the Border option.
It seems we are done with the images. We will Lock them now, to avoid accidental movements.

Use the Locks right after you’ve finished working with it.

Once they are locked, move to the rest of the comic elements, like vectors, shapes and text elements.
We will do a comic page type for this one, so we are adding a text speech bubble and some text inside.

So we go to Vectors, scroll down to look for a speech bubble. Click on it to mark it and then select the button ‘Add Selected’.
Move it around and lock it. Go and do the same for texts. This is my result:

After adding and locking the speech bubble, we move to the text element.

Good, we are doing the same but with the yellow rectangle box and place some text inside as well. We need to unlock the Vectors/Texts now because when locked, we can’t move the newly added ones.

So we are almost there as you can see. We will pick a simple frame to make it a litte more stylish.

Simple border for the Comic page.

Ok, we are done. Click on the > (Next) button to Save or Share it. This is the result:

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